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May 12, 2009
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HC : Draco .Long. Magnificens by blackgothique HC : Draco .Long. Magnificens by blackgothique
Ta-da...presenting to you my entry for the Bring Your Vision to Life contest .I've been working on this like FOREVER since i got to know that there's this super awesome contest being posted on dA xD. The given theme is 'Good vs Evil'.

I've chosen the subjects that i'm most particularly fond of, and presented them in the form of Haute Couture Gowns and DRAGONS.

First off, Fashion and Art. I find the combination ever so inspiring, like those super photography skills together with the wonders of digital art which can make even a simple tube dress looked so high fashion.

Dragons have been my all-time favourite subject and these are Eastern and Western dragons. It's funny why they were depicted as good(eastern) and the other as evil(western) although they were DRAGONS. They share (some) similar body features and yet one is benevolent and one is malevolent, which is why i use Dragons to define the theme Good vs Evil. They are almost the same kind yet so much different in what legend tells. Nothing sets what's right and what's wrong and there is never a clear line stating you're on the good or bad side.
*note : i know that not all east and west dragons are all good or all bad, please don't hit me :P *

So here you go. A lot of time spent on this one and i really hope this pays off hehe ;P

ooh, and don't forget to support my sister :iconnekokirara: too! this is her awesome entry ==> [link]

:thanks: *Thank you very much for your kind comments and faves, and wonderful support too! * :thanks:

ps: perhaps my idea is not that fresh as i've seen some others doing it already, that case, i'll just shut up :P

edit: i've uploaded this last night but took it out again as i saw too many flaws lol...sorry about that

illustrator 10 (gowns)
photoshop 7 (background)

©Design belongs to ME and ME ONLY©
Artwork © MEH

:butterflytwo: blackgothique © 2009 :butterflytwo:
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This is special! Niiiiiiice!
thank you very much :love: :hug: :heart:
That's really impressive! 8D
FiniteLuv Jun 24, 2009  Student General Artist
i think it would be a sin against mankind if i didnt fave this..
LOL you are really funny :XD:
thank you very much, dear :love: :hug: :heart:
FiniteLuv Jun 30, 2009  Student General Artist

i know it seems like i gush over your work but its really good.
Queen-Kitty Jun 18, 2009   Photographer
beautiful work! I love the gowns, especially the eastern one!:heart: You always draw such lovely fashion designs!
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